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We can SAVE you money… we replace the Pane not the Frame!

If the glass in your windows or doors has sustained damage of any kind, it needs to be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. Here at Cloud 9 Windows, we’re able to provide a complete range of services to help. Depending on the extent of your window damage, we offer both window repairs and window replacements in Shadwell and the surrounding areas. Our specialist glaziers that work for Cloud 9 Windows have over 25 years’ experience and continue to provide an excellent service for all customers we work with.

If you’re looking to save money and reduce disruption with professional, cost-effective window replacements and double-glazing repairs in your local area, we are here for you. Our team can help to improve your property appearance reduce heat loss with high-quality double-glazing replacements. For more information, get in touch with us today or use our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!.

Replacement Double-Glazing Units in Shadwell and the Surrounding Areas

If your windows are giving you reoccurring problems that won’t go away – even with repairs – it may be time to look at replacements. Customers that have noticed energy bills increasing and condensation inside of the windows are likely to require double-glazing replacements, especially if the windows are old and have been installed for longer than 10-15 years.

When you choose replacement windows, we will be there every step of the way should you need our expert advice and assistance. Whether you require a like-for-like replacement or would like to check out our various other styles, we cater to your every need. If you’re looking for replacement locks, replacement handles or replacement hinges for your window/patio doors, we can also help.

Window Repairs in Shadwell for Commercial and Domestic Properties

Here at Cloud 9 Windows, we provide window repairs in Shadwell for both commercial and domestic properties. With many years of experience under our belt, we can confidently say that we offer the best window repair service in your area.

At Cloud 9 Windows, we can also provide a complete range of commercial door and window repair services. Our experienced team can deliver an unbeatable service for all types of commercial properties, including shops, hotels, restaurants, cafés, bars and high-street retailers. Whatever kind of commercial double-glazing repairs or replacement services you need, our team are here for you.

What are the Benefits of Effective Double-Glazing in Shadwell?

Whether you’re a homeowner or business leader, double-glazing can provide a range of advantages to your property. Just some of the benefits you’ll be able to enjoy with effective double-glazing window units and patio doors include:


  • Quieter Home – While it may vary with the type of unit installed and the materials used, having double glazing units installed ensures that you’ll be having less noise coming in from the outside, thanks to the vacuum or gas-filled interior space of the DGU, which prevents sound from passing through as easily as it would through ordinary windows or walls.
  • Quieter HomeI mproves Energy Efficiency – Double-glazing units are proven that reduce energy bills and improve energy efficiency in properties of all sizes. In the winter month, double-glazing ensures that your property stays warmer and in the summer, ensures that it stays cooler.
  • Reduced Noise Insulation – Double glazing also allows for better noise insulation, reducing the amount of noise making its way into your home, something which is particularly important for families moving into cities or suburbs. This reduced noise is brought about simply by the additional number of glass panes


Benefits of Fitting Energy Saving Glass:

  • Reduce your Heating Bills

  • Cut Down Condensation

  • Reduce your Carbon Footprint

  • Limit Window Heat Loss

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Comprehensive Window Repairs and Replacement Double-Glazing Units in Shadwell

Cloud 9 Windows have more than 25 years’ experience offering comprehensive window repairs and replacements for double-glazing units in Shadwell and the surrounding areas. Reap maximum benefits with our like-for-like replacements by increasing the value of your property and your overall curb appeal. Our glazing specialists can provide a full range of services to suit your needs, including:


  • Misted-Up Double-Glazing Window Repairs.
  • Failed or Broken Double-Glazing Repairs and Replacement.
  • UPVC Window Repairs in Beverley.
  • Replacement Glass for Windows.
  • Double-Glazing Patio Door Repairs.

Misted-Up Double-Glazing Window Repairs

Misted-up windows are one of the most common issues with double-glazing units. Misted-up windows are often a result of condensation that is caused by moisture that is formed when an object is cooler than the air around it. 

You may not think that misted-up windows are a big issue. However, over the years as the problem multiples without repair or maintenance, the quality of the windows deteriorate. You may notice that visibility, when looking through your windows has become a lot worse and energy bills may also be impacted as a direct result of misted-up windows.

misted-up double-glazing repairs Shadwell
broken or failed double-glazing Shadwell

Failed or Broken Double-Glazing Repairs and Replacement

Double-glazing is designed to last for decades. However, if it isn’t properly maintained or exposed to extreme weather conditions on a consistent basis, repairs and replacements may be required. Failed or broken double-glazing can also happen as a result of leaks, scratches, cracks and chips.

Regardless of the reason for your failed or broken double-glazing units, our specialist team of glaziers can visit your property promptly to offer a fast-response repair or window replacement service.

Replacement Glass for Windows

Wherever it’s possible to do so, our specialist team will always try to save and preserve the window unit itself, meaning it’s only the pane and not the frame that needs to be replaced. Replacing just the pane with a like-for-like replacement is much more cost-effective for our local customers and a widely popular option.

Just some of the replacement glass styles that we can provide include:

  • Clear Glass.
  • Decorative Glass.
  • Frosted Glass / Privacy Glass.

replacement glass for windows Shadwell
UPVC window repairs Shadwell

UPVC Window Repairs in Shadwell

Whatever the issue with your UPVC windows in Shadwell, we offer fast-response and quality repairs that you’ll be fully satisfied with. We resolve all concerns quickly that you don’t have to worry about having your properties protection compromised due to poor installations or faulty locks.

Our team can provide UPVC window repairs in Shadwell for all kinds of homes and businesses. Whatever kind of issues you’ve encountered, or whether you want to upgrade from single-glazing to double-glazing, our team are here for you.

For Repairs and Replacement Double-Glazing Window in Shadwell, Contact Cloud 9 Today

When looking for glaziers in Shadwell that offer exceptional and affordable window repairs or replacements, it’s essential to choose a company that have decades of experience and positive customer feedback. Cloud 9 Windows have dozens of 5-star reviews across the web and over 25 years experience!

For more information on our full range of window repairs in Shadwell, call today. You can reach our specialists directly by calling us on or all kinds of properties. Whether you’re looking for glazing repairs in Leeds or window replacement, get in touch today. You can reach our specialist glazing team directly on 0800 328 8213. If you prefer, you could also use our simple online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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