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We can SAVE you money… we replace the Pane not the Frame!

Looking for cost-effective and high-quality window repairs in Pudsey? If so, look no further than Cloud9 Windows.  With over 25 years’ experience and a passion for delivering the best window repair service in your area, we help both homeowners and business owners to restore security, quality insulation and the aesthetics of windows.  Whatever the issues with your windows, our specialist team can easily identify the fault and act fast to provide quality window repairs.

Double-glazing units are excellent for security and reducing energy bills.  However, to benefit from all the perks, it’s imperative to make sure that they functioning with no obvious faults.  If cracks appear in your windows or seals are becoming damaged, it’s likely that you require our first-class window repair service. Cloud9 Windows are always striving to offer the best repair service AND save you money at the same time. That’s why we will always look to repair if it’s possible to do so.


Replacement Double-Glazing Units in Pudsey and the Surrounding Areas

Cloud9 Windows are Pudsey’s No.1 double glazing replacement service.  Replacements that we provide are fully bespoke and tailored to your specificaitons, measurements and special requests.  Upgrading your current double-glazing units for brand new units can also result in increased property value, better insulation and reduced noise pollution.

If you’re looking for direct replacements, we’ve got you covered. Our replacement windows will be manufactured to an exact dimension determined by our surveyors to ensure the best possible fit!

Window Repairs in Pudsey for Homes and Businesses

Whilst we always offer window repairs for minor faults or concerns, in some cases replacements are required. Windows may need repairing for a variety of reasons and we will fully assess your windows before proposing the best repair or replacement. Our services are available for both domestic and commercial customers. Our expert team are able to carry out repairs for a number of faults including;-

  • Misted-Up Double-Glazing Window Units.
  • Failed or Broken Double-Glazing Units.

With over 25 years’ experience in the industry, we are motivated to deliver excellent standards with honesty and integrity.  Moreover, are are able to provide repairs and replacements for broken AND failed units in UPVC, wood and aluminium!

Why Should I Take Advantage of Effective Double-Glazing in Pudsey?

You’ll find double-glazing units in many commercial and domestic properties in Pudsey and the surrounding areas. Double-glazing units are excellent for security and are much harder to break compared to single-glazed windows. They also really pleasing on the eye and can significantly increase your curb appeal.  With these benefits in mind, it’s important to ensure that your windows are working as they should. When kept in good condition – and replaced if necessary – you’ll also benefit from;-


  • Noise Reduction – Double-glazing units provide much better noise reduction when compared to single-glazing units. If you live in a busy area on a main road, effective double-glazing units can help to block out all road traffic and generally have a positive impact on sleep and overall well-being. With double-glazing units, you can enjoy a peaceful environment within your own space.

Benefits of Fitting Energy Saving Glass:

  • Reduce your Heating Bills

  • Cut Down Condensation

  • Reduce your Carbon Footprint

  • Limit Window Heat Loss

5 year glass guarantee

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Complete Window Repairs and Replacement Double-Glazing Units in Pudsey

Here at Cloud9 Windows, our expert and specialist team are able to carry out window repairs and replacements for all industrial, commercial and domestic customers. We truly believe that we offer the best repair and replacement service in the area and help customers save money by replacing only the glass panes and not the frames. Five of the most common repair services we offer include;-


  • Misted-Up Double-Glazing Window Repairs.
  • Failed or Broken Double-Glazing Repairs / Replacement.
  • UPVC Window Repairs in Leeds.
  • Replacement Glass for Windows.
  • Double-Glazing Patio Door Repairs.

Misted-Up Double-Glazing Window Repairs

Misted-up windows are a common issue with double-glazing windows. If you’re struggling to see out of your window, it’s likely due to condensation that has been trapped inside your sealed double-glazing unit.  In this case, our expert team can provide a replacement service where we are able to replace the glass only.

Depending on the extent of the issue, it may be be possible to offer repairs as opposed to replacements. Our surveyors will come and visit your property at a time that suits you to fully assess the situation before proposing the a repair or replacement.

misted-up double-glazing repairs Pudsey
broken failed double glazing Pudsey

Failed or Broken Double-Glazing Repairs / Replacement

Long-term structural concerns are another contributing factor that may have have resulted in failed or broken double-glazing units. Windows are prone to damage and if located in an area where exposed to draughts, it can results in repairs and replacements being necessary.

If you need exceptional and affordable window replacements or repairs, please get in touch with us today and we will be more than happy to offer a fast-response service!

Replacement Glass for Windows

It’s essential to replace double-glazing units when you notice mist or condensation forming between the window panes. if seals are failing and structural damage is obvious, this can lead to an increased risk of dampness and heat loss.  Here at Cloud9 Windows, we provide replacement glass for domestic, industrial and commercial windows.

Replacement windows can help to create a vacuum that prevent moisture from entering your home, providing an effective barrier that helps to keep damp and mould at bay.

replacement glass for windows Pudsey
upvc window repairs Pudsey

UPVC Window Repairs in Pudsey

UPVC windows offer impressive energy efficiency and are effective in preventing dampness and cold air from preventing your property. If you have UPVC windows at your property that need repairing, please don’t hesitate to give our team at Cloud9 Windows a call today.

We offer fast-response repairs that will fully secure your property instantly whilst ensuring that you gain all the benefits that properly functioning UPVC windows have to offer!

Double-Glazing Patio Door Repairs

Cloud9 Windows also provide double-glazing patio door repairs in Pudsey and the surrounding areas. Whether you have noticed considerable damage all of a sudden or noticed the mechanics of the doors – such as the seals and locks – slowly deteriorating, we can provide the expert repairs that you’re looking for.



double-glazing patio doors repairs pudsey

For Window Repairs and Replacement Double-Glazing Windows in Pudsey, Call Cloud 9 Windows Today

We are fully dedicated and committed to provding the best repairs and replacements at great value for money for all our customers. Our team are able to provide repairs and replacements for single-glazing, double-glazing and even triple-glazing.

For more information or to speak to one of our specialists at Cloud9 Windows, please get in touch with us today by calling 0800 328 8213. Alternatively, if you prefer to email, use our online contact form and we’ll get back to you!

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