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Window & Door Repairs Hull

Domestic & Commercial Double glazing repair specialists


Window & Door Repairs Hull

  • Misted or broken glass units replaced
  • Failed double glazed units replaced
  • Velux windows – glass replacement service
  • Replacement window handles & hinges
  • Door locks repaired or replaced
  • Door handles, locks & letterboxes replaced
  • Jammed windows
  • Draughty/leaky windows & doors
  • Replacement window & door seals
  • UPVC window repairs
  • UPVC door repairs
  • Conservatory repairs
  • Realigning of windows & doors
  • All double glazing repairs
  • Replace the panes not the frames


Before Picture:

gallery - hull before unit was replaced

After Picture:


Failed double glazing units?

Has the glass in your UPVC window gone misty or steamed up? Is your double glazing window obscuring your vision? We replace the pane not the frame, saving you money.

Replacement Door and Window Locks & Hinges?

Locks & hinges fail for a variety of reasons. Age can wear down the mechanism, attempted break in has damaged the lock or hinges or they simply have never been oiled.


Window & Door Repairs Hull


Offering you top quality double glazing repairs saving you money.

Cloud 9 Windows Hull offer a fantastic service repairing UPVC windows & doors. Specialists in replacing failed broken units in upvc, timber, aluminium & velux windows.

We only replace the panes of single, double and triple glazed units saving our customers money, so they do not need to replace the costly frames.


Insulating Glass – we are experts in SAVING you money and want to help you reduce your bills

Over 25% of the heat in your house escapes through your windows!

Do you want to save money?

Losing heat out of your windows can be very expensive.

Fitting energy-efficient glass can help reduce your heating bills by up to 20% as well as reducing condensation on the inside of your panes and reducing your carbon footprint.

There are many advantages to a modern double glazed unit:

  • WARM EDGE SUPER SPACER BARSuse a technology that is almost 1000 times less conductive than a standard aluminium spacer bar. This reduces condensation on the inside of the glass and reduces noise.
  • LOW EMISSITY (LOW-E) GLASS has a coating on the glass to reflect heat back into your room.
  • ARGON is a clear, odourless and colourless gas which is denser than air, this enables the warmth to be kept inside the room and reduce condensation.
  • A Warmer Home